Volleyball-specific data analysis
support application
that visualizes the flow of the game.

Get closer to that hard-to-reach data
and turn it into a tool for everyday use.
VLabo allows you to share volleyball match footage
with your team and helps you analyze data
to get closer to your ideal play.

Teams using VLabo SUNTORY SUNBIRDS Victorina Himeji Nippon Sport Science University Seifu Gakuen - Seifu Senior High School

Dedicated VLabo format
Manage data for one game in one.

Creating a VLabo file
You can create one VLabo file
by combining video and DVW files.

Attached files
VLabo files can also include PDFs, photos, documents, office files, etc. related to the match.

Loading external files
You can also import files from external drives and file storage services as well as files on your device.

You can find it no matter how much you have.

File management
VLabo files can be organized into favorites,
which have a folder structure.

You can quickly open your recently used items and favorite folders.

Search files
You can search for VLabo files in the library by match venue, date of the match, team name, etc.

Scene filter
Three-pronged approach to effective narrowing.

Refine the video scene
Extract the scene you want to watch from the video
by specifying codes, rotations, and matrixes.

Preset registration
Preset filter conditions that you often use can be registered.

Preset sharing
Sharing presets with others via AirDrop, cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), email, and more.

User-friendly video playback.

Playback control interface
Control the video in a variety of ways,
including slow play, scene feed, and frame by frame.

Control with gestures
It can be controlled with gestures, for example, by tapping with two fingers.

Full screen view
Video can be played on the full screen of the iPad, hiding the controller.

Use your preferred style.

Dark mode
Supporting the standard dark mode
of iPadOS.

Alternate Icons
Choose your favorite color to change the application icon and theme color.

Dynamic Type
Dynamic Type is supported, so you can apply font sizes that are easy to read.

Other features


VLabo has an uncluttered user interface like the standard applications. You can start analyzing the game now because there's not much to learn.

Edit file name

You can name the file whatever you want. Even emoji are okay. Even casual names are okay. The file shows the thumbnail of the video, date of the match, and match venue.

Share with the team

You can send and receive filter presets created in VLabo to your friends via AirDrop, cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), etc. Likewise, you can share files attached to your matches with others in a familiar way.

List of scenes

Directly below the player is a list of codes that have been recorded in the game. Long tap on any scene to activate the auto-fill function and set a timestamp for the entire match based on the selected scene.

Playback timing

You can freely set the playback buffer for the scene between 0-5 seconds and the skip interval for the skip play function between 3-15 seconds.

Optimized for iPadOS

VLabo supports multitasking features such as Slide Over and Split View. You can also open other apps or VLabo side by side, so you can watch your play in a style that suits you best.


980 yen/month or 9,800 yen/annum

Works on devices
with iPadOS & iOS 13.4 or later

If you want to implement this as a team,
we'd like to hear from you via our contact form.

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